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Promoting healthy food products and sustainable bio-diversity based organic farming through;



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The Agrarian and Food Crises

  • Aren’t we eating what is imposed on us? Do we know the diverse micronutrients needed for proper growth and maintenance of our body?

  • How many of nation’s farmers’ know the effects of chemical based input on food, groundwater and air? Do they feel responsible?

  • Are they ready to come out this vicious cycle and stop betraying themselves, nature and society?

  • Can we create and support a community of responsible farmers to protect our family?

“Our quest lies in creating an aware community of farmers who love to serve humanity and can sustain themselves without government aid”


With growing development and economic growth, we are also getting surrounded by a number of diseases like diabetes, gastro-intestinal problems, blood-pressure and even cancer. This never happened before in the history of our country. Also, many families and researches have noticed decline in taste and nutritional value of various food products.
Whenever we find some time, we should check for authentic researches on chemical based farming and its effects. E.g. how harmful chemicals have entered our food chain, the effect of endosulfan on our nervous system, chlordimeform – cancer suspect, bladder damage, PCP- liver damage, skin disease, DBCP - cancer risk, male sterility, Heptachlor – leukaemia suspect, Aldrin (reproductive diseases), chloropyrifos (headache, stops mental growth, digestive problems) etc. Regular consumption of food created with the help of pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives etc. causes diseases like headache, diabetes, asthma, digestive problems, memory disorders, reproductive dysfunction, neurological problems, etc. It can even harm the unborn babies in the womb. Today, numerous children are born with congenital malformation with mutagenic effects due to use of chemicals in farming.

All chemical fertilizers are salt based and harmful for all kinds of microbes – whether friendly or not. In the long run, it decreases immunity because we need friendly bacteria within our body and in our farms. It also influences our organ and organ systems because they aren't designed to digest and grow on harmful chemicals!!

To co-create and re-establish healthy food products and sustainable bio-diversity based organic farming