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Our Story

We are a small group of concerned individuals from Farming, Food processing, Dairy, Agro Sciences & administration backgrounds who have deliberated about food crises and worked on developing solutions for improving quality of products and eco-system around it.
Most of us were doing it on our own and had very less amount of research or funds to back our initiatives. But, still we persisted because we felt that it is the right thing to do.
Now, we have gathered research and data about the change in quality of food products, soil, water, air, extinguishment of various species of plants, birds and animals, etc. We also interacted with many educated and experienced farmers and the challenges faced by them. Farmers shared many reasons for monetary and environmental losses occurred in last 3 decades.
For example –
• farmer’s expenses have increased and income has decreased
• loss of knowledge, intuition and scientific temper
• Consumer’s less aware about healthy & tasty options, hence going for only market based tasty items which are mostly unhealthy etc.
Now, after study and interaction with experienced farmers across the nation, we feel better prepared to interact with people and share our learnings and products.
Thus, we evolved a platform called Prakriti where aware consumers will have a chance to know their producers and give feedback about the products. Consumers can also visit the farms and see the processes themselves. We are trying our best to connect responsible farmers and aware consumers. With your support, we believe we can implement transparency and honesty at scale.

To co-create and re-establish healthy food products and sustainable bio-diversity based organic farming

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