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Why chemicals in our platter are a major source of diseases?

Whenever we find some time, we should check for authentic researches on chemical based farming and its effects. E.g. how harmful chemicals have entered our food chain, the effect of endosulfan on our nervous system, chlordimeform – cancer suspect, bladder damage, PCP- liver damage, skin disease, DBCP - cancer risk, male sterility, Heptachlor – leukaemia suspect, Aldrin (reproductive diseases), chloropyrifos (headache, stops mental growth, digestive problems) etc. Regular consumption of food created with the help of pesticides, fertilizers, preservatives etc. causes diseases like headache, diabetes, asthma, digestive problems, memory disorders, reproductive dysfunction, neurological problems, etc. It can even harm the unborn babies in the womb. Today, numerous children are born with congenital malformation with mutagenic effects due to use of chemicals in farming. All chemical fertilizers are salt based and harmful for all kinds of microbes – whether friendly or not. In the long run, it decreases immunity because we need friendly bacteria within our body and in our farms.

Do we know that products of industrial agriculture contain carcinogenic substances?

Yes it’s true and sometimes it’s in very large quantities. Repeated consumption of food which contains carcinogenic substances (even at very low doses) can cause cancer. Now days, we are witnessing a heightened increase in the number of cancer patients in our society. But, nobody is pointing fingers at source of food. Why?

Aren’t you talking about traditional agriculture? Isn’t this a backward step?

Modern chemical based agriculture doesn’t provide –
    • Sustainable livelihood to farmers
    • Sustainable lifestyle to consumers
    • Sustainability to earth and nature
Respecting the tradition doesn’t always make us backward. What we are referring to as traditional in agriculture is deeply linked to
human evolution.And evolution is our common history. We need to see where we actually need to intervene in natural evolution. For 
example – language arrived as a part of evolution and we are doing many great things with the help of language, similarly seeds 
arrived as a part of evolution and we put efforts to identify which ones are nourishing for us. But, making genetic changes in the
seed and making it an intellectual property has given as diseases, loss in taste and poverty for farmers.
Due to multiple reasons like centralization of production, distribution and marketing natural farming has given way to modern
chemical based agriculture.And this meant high use of HY seeds, chemical fertilizers and pestyicides. On the contrary, Organic or
traditional agriculture doesn’t use chemicals such as nitrates, urea, DAP, etc. or dangerous pesticides such as heptachlor, PCP,
endosulfan, Aldrin, monochrotophos, malathion, etc. Its production is safe for human use. As per recent studies, traditional
agriculture produces more nutrients per acre than chemical agriculture. In chemical agriculture, grains do not have desired quality.
It is meant to show quantity. Multiple researches have shown that organically produced food has a far higher level of macro
and micro nutrients. Some figures : 63% higher calcium content, 73% higher molybdenum content, 91% higher  phosphorous content.
All the food items that we traditionally used were a result of hundreds and thousands of years of experience. They weren’t created
by centralized agencies in labs for milking abnormal profits. They were created with experience and feedback from thousands of 
people and were also based on principles of holistic health and sustenance of nature. Since Ayurveda and Yoga are becoming a trend,
we hope to see a similar love for traditional agriculture and food in near future. We have the rationality and intuitions to see 
what was good in our tradition and adopt them in our life. We sincerely hope that rationality & intuition will prevail for food 
selection and consumption as well.                           

Is this issue worth our time and resource?

We want you to take time, because we aren’t after your one time money. We want to earn your respect, trust and long term relationship. Do we calculate the amount of time and resources we invest to select our clothes, electronic devices etc.? When we purchase a TV or a mobile we try to refer to friends’ advice, look for multiple features and quality parameters. How much of our precious time or knowledge have we devoted to selecting our food? Many scientific studies and spiritual texts suggest that ‘major portion of our physical body is an accumulation of the food consumed by us’. So, we literally make our bodies.Now, it’s all up to us to see whether we can make food selection a more conscious and informed process.

How do we make your food secure and healthy?

    • Select and train farmers about nature based farming.
    • Ensure use of indigenous seeds and methods. For example – seed conservation and sharing, golden manure, vermi compost, etc. 
    • Encourage local technology which is safe for production and processing. For example – cold pressing of oilseeds.
    • Train farmers to make natural pesticides. Also, we share information about natural pesticides available in market. 
    • Encourage manual weeding for unwanted herbs and plants.
    • Lab checks for food, personal visits to farms, soil test, etc.

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